Sunday 24 November 2013

What would you put in Room 101?

I was tagged in a Meme by Mediocre_mum, so long ago I've no idea of the link, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it anyway.
The reason it took so long to post is because I couldn't decide on just 3 things to go into the room.

The first thing I'd put into Room 101 are Laws and rules that don't mean anything.

‘It is against the law to smoke in this hotel room, anyone found to be smoking with be charged xxxxxx for cleaning of the room’

No sorry that’s hotel policy surely. I thought if it was against the law then at some point the authorities should be informed or have I been misinformed?
And as for rules, your rules, rules that don't matter, about what you must hashtag something, use no words with your picture, only link up if I let you. Refusal to publish comments that don't make you look good and even remove other people's points of view, well you're heading for Room 101 along with the pointless laws.

The second thing I'd put in Room 101 is self proclaimed experts...yes you.

People who write blogs about how to do things the correct way. Now I like to post recipes and some of my crafts and yes I do give step by step guides on 'how to' but I don't claim to be an expert. I consider myself just sharing what I've learnt from trial and error and experience. I detest the blog posts from people who call themselves 'Social Media Experts' you get paid to do the job and I'll listen to your advice. You try telling me 'how to blog in exchange for a few freebies, followers or even worse 'how to make money off your blog' and I'm afraid you're going into Room 101.

The third and final thing I'd like to put in Room 101 for now are 'band wagon jumpers.'

Oh look a controversial tweet/face book comment/forum and they feel it's compulsory to write a blog post on the subject. You don't fool me, you're only doing it to try and raise your audience. Fair enough if it's a campaign, I've taken part in them, but seriously 'jumping on the band wagon because you see it's a popular discussion usually means it's run it's course anyway.

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  1. I really don't like blog experts, they drive me crazy, especially since I went to school for all this stuff, passed all the certifications, but there is no way I would say I am an expert, I'm always learning.