Wednesday 20 November 2013

South Africans say Sorry.... a lot.


I wish the rest of the world could learn by this. OK that maybe a big leap but we could start closer to home with family and friends.

Sorry isn’t an admission of guilt, it’s a word people can use to express an emotion, that they are feel for the person, acknowledgement they’ve caused a disruption, a confusion, an inconvenience, hurt both physical and emotional.

Sorry is NOT an admission of guilt. If it were then we’d be suing our own kids having forced them to say sorry for doing something then making them feel guilty about it till the next misdemeanour.

Every day someone says sorry to me.

I trip, bump into a door, drop something, sneeze even and there is always someone around to say ‘sorry’ at first it annoyed me as a Brit, ‘what are you saying sorry for?’ you didn’t do anything, then I realised that South Africans mean they are sorry that happened to you.

It’s called compassion.


  1. South Africans also say sorry meaning pardon? What did you say? I haven't read your blog in a while so I'm going to whizz through a few posts while I'm here :-)

  2. I say sorry too much -- I'd fit right in!