Wednesday 13 November 2013

Viva Foundation Christmas Party and Santa Shoebox

Please help the Viva Foundation celebrate Christmas with the children at Pretoria Zoo on
November 30th from 9qm - 3pm.

The Viva Foundation of South Africa Family Day (OVC & HIV/AIDS Programme) is another charity I support in South Africa. I cannot begin to explain to you the work they do in the community, I would not do them justice, so please click here to their website for more information.

Last years Celebration day was one of the best experiences I've had to date in South Africa, followed by an amazing weekend camping at The Alaska Informal Settlement in Mamelodi with The Viva Arts Foundation.

If you're not able to attend on the day, maybe you would like to sponsor a child for the day. Contact Meleney for further info.

Volunteer Info Zoo Trip

The Viva Christmas Family Day for Orphans and Vulnerable Children will take place at the Pretoria Zoo this year, on the 30th of November 2013. We want to take 100 children and 50 youths and care-givers to the Zoo and need volunteers to assist.


9:00 Volunteers arrive at the Zoo (own transport and entrance fee R 66 per person)

Setting up and preparations for arrival of children

Handing out snack packs, caps and forming small groups with 1 volunteer each

Volunteers take the children on a zoo walk, answer their questions, take care of them

12:30 Volunteers bring children back to the communal area for lunch & serve them

13:00 Santa’s Shoebox Gift Hand-out

15:00 Volunteers assist in bringing the children back to the bus/taxis

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