Tuesday 12 November 2013

What happens when a celebration day goes wrong?

With a car full of decorations and cakes I headed off one of the santa shoebox celebrations.
A few things happened today that I'm thankful for.
Due to a change of staff and one of our volunteers being overseas they were unaware I was coming today, so the children were not disappointed when I discovered the cartons had not been delivered.

A slight panic and thought that 108 shoe boxes had been stolen but turns out they'd been delivered to another facility some 100km north.

The facility received the boxes last Wednesday, they only have 54 children and were surprised when the boxes turned up they just handed them out to everyone. Their application to receive had not been successful, do I guess all their Christmas happened at once.

It happened because the wrong address was taken off the data base, accidents happen, but what about my 108 children now without a Christmas gift?

Well as it happens a local school had been collecting all year and happen to have 130 care boxes that we can just add clothes too, rearrange the celebration day so the school can come and see where their boxes went and the volunteer who's facility it is will be back in the country and attend the celebration.

Just what do I do with 100+ cakes? 

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