Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why you shouldn't get out of a car on safari or have your windows open.

Following a death this week in Johannesburg in a lion park I was reminded of a visit to Krugersdorp in March 2012 when a man actually got out of his car, in the presence of a lion. The rest of the pride hadn't yet come out to feed and despite people risking their own lives by opening their windows to signal there was a lion behind his car, he stood there, waving his arms, yelling 'what lions? where?' In the car was his wife and two small children.

I had been given a list of do's and don'ts prior to entering the reserve, plus I had to drive past several notices telling me to keep my windows closed and people who had their windows open when driving through the gates were firmly and politely told to close them.


  1. I heard about the death on the news. Very sad! Thankfully I'm not much of a game drive person, but still scary to read about these things so close to home

  2. Good grief -some people really are foolish.

    Thank you for adding this cautionary tale to #AnimalTales

    1. I will add that nearly everyone I've seen do something stupid like that hasn't been South African

  3. Very sad to hear the news this week. I was glad they didn't put the lion to sleep, tragic though it was it drives me mad when we punish animals due to the stupidity of people. I'm dropping over from Rosie's fabulous #animaltales linky.x