Monday 22 June 2015

11 handy uses for a Pashmina in Dubai

The Pashmina is one of my top 4 essentials for travel that I carry with me at all times in Dubai.

But what can you use it for? What is it's purpose other than a fashion item?

1. As a head covering, out of respect for the local culture. I had to remove my sleeved top for the henna tattoo.
2. As a blanket for the beach
3. A pillow
4. Taking the chill off when the sun goes down
5. A sarong
6. To wrap up wet bathing suit after a trip to the beach

7. To protect the back of the car when the dog jumps in and out
8. To protect against the heat
9. To place on a park bench before sitting down if wearing light coloured clothing and also to stop you sticking to the seat and to keep the dirt and sweat off from the previous person who sat here.
 10. To add a splash of colour
11. To pack round bottles in the boot of the car


  1. Who'd have thought it had so many uses?! I usually take one on a flight and use it as a blanket if the temperature drops... and that's about it!