Saturday 8 August 2015

Making floor cushions

How hard can it be to make a floor cushion? 

Well the answer is not that hard at all. 

It took me around an hour to mark and cut the 16 pieces.

15 minutes and a lot of swearing to thread the over locker. 

About 20 mins to sew the pieces together.

A lot more swearing to sew the centre piece.

20 minutes to add the base piece.

10 minutes to stuff and 15 mins to hand sew the opening up. I used stuffing but if you're short of space you could use it to store a winter/summer duvet. 

I up cycled a pair of curtains and an old table cloth for the project, unfortunately I cut the material the wrong way (there's a fancy way of saying this, Dias???) and as soon as I sat on it the seams started to rip and after much more swearing and hand sewing. I gave up and will try again tomorrow with a different cut.

And I'll reuse this material to make some patch work smaller cushions after re cutting it the other way. 


  1. Ten out of ten for effort... for the record I'm pretty rubbish at sewing and I still have a patchwork cushion on the go from when I was pregnant with my daughters 21 years ago! Here's hoping your second attempt is more successful x

  2. i was rather pleased with it for my first effort and after rising it a few times i just gave up as you can see it started losing shape from sewing and fraying and sewing. the only trouble is the other material i have requires re threading the over locker......grrrrrrr

  3. that is pretty impressive.

    Sewing is not my forte but something I would love to learn

    1. its been taken apart and a new one with better one material