Sunday 9 August 2015

Week 32 - My Sunday Photo. Petit Spa L'Occitane

This isn't a sponsored post for Petit Spa L'Occitane but I did win vouchers with The Beach, Dubai on Instagram with #HappyGatherings during Eid.

I've never been one for Spa days/treatments although I've had a few massage treatments over the years, but they've either been gifts or for reviewing purposes.

I'm letting the side down a little as an expat woman, I know you all think that's all I do now I'm living in Dubai, you're more likely to find me gardening, sewing, swimming or walking than finding me in a spa or even a hairdressers and yes, I do like to get my nails done, but after bad experience involving a nail file (my nails are still recovering) and with the gardening I now do, it seems a pointless exercise.

I arrived 10 minutes early at Petit Spa L'Occitane and was introduced to Tina the therapist who asked me a brief general history of what brought me there today, what my expectations were and asked me to complete a form with preferences and medical history.

After showing me into the therapy room, with scented candles and soft music, she pointed to a little box where I could leave my jewellery and asked me to undress and put the robe on. I was offered a pair of paper panties to protect my own, but seeing as mine were £1 from Primark I didn't see the need.

I had booked for a 45 minutes back and neck massage, which surprisingly started with a foot soak and massage. She then asked me to do a breathing exercise and said I wasn't to focus on my breathing and just relax. It took me a good 10 minutes to stop thinking about my breathing.

The back and neck massage were wonderful, I drifted in and out of sleep for the next 45 minutes, she focused on my shoulders where she could feel the tension and my lower back after I slipped 3 discs earlier this year. She also massaged down my legs and arms.

Unlike other massages I've had, Tina didn't make me jump or startle me at all, she kept one hand on my body at all times, even when moving from the neck to the legs and several times checked that the firm pressure was ok.

Finishing off with a foot massage or so I thought then asked me to turn onto my back for a head massage, which was simply divine.

After dressing Tina made me a cup of green tea and provided some dried fruit and nuts and advised I drank plenty of liquids for the rest of the day and to keep my shoulders warm from the air conditioning.

I had to add 50 AED to the 200 AED voucher and I was asked if I would be in again, but no pressure was put on me to make another appointment and I wasn't pressurised into buying anything either.

I will return in a couple of months as I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I finished my morning off with Pancakes, fruit and tea at Big Chefs Cafe.

If in the meantime anyone else thinks their massage and customer service can top that, I'd be happy to  try them out.


  1. that looks so relaxing and peaceful hope you get to try it again

    1. I'm going to put some money aside each week to make sure i do go again

  2. This sounds so relaxing and perfect. May be I need a little spa day

    Thank you for linking up

    1. oh it was lovely, but I'm a bit bruised this morning

  3. That experience looks & sounds so lush! #MySundayPhoto