Saturday 21 May 2016

Week 20 - One Daily Positive, Project 366 and SnapHappyBritMums

A reasonably quiet week, but an insecure one, I'm feeling loved, wanted and needed, but just for myself I don't feel I have a purpose at the moment. I'm just ticking along.

It's difficult to get the balance right, when I wasn't working I had the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted, but not the finances to do it all. Now I'm working, I have the finances but not the time to get all the things done I want/need to do.

I've spent the week online researching the holiday of a lifetime and today I got round to booking it. In reality I'm just catching up with family and friends over the summer and I'll be clocking up around 15,000 miles of travel in the air alone, let alone road trips, as I fly from Dubai to South Africa, Dubai, UK, Germany, UK, Dubai. Peter is joining me for the UK part of the trip for 3 weeks.

I've still got a lot of planning and booking to do. Accommodation, travel insurance and car hire needs to be booked for the UK and South Africa. I have to book the kennels for Bob and Pushkins, sort out travel plugs, currency, local bank cards, purchase suit case and new hand luggage bag for the Easy Jet part of the trip.

I've only got 8 days in South Africa and already I've planned a road trip, Sunday dinner, birthday tea and a day in a township delivering resources and updating some teaching.

This week has been quiet on the blog also:

#MySundayPhoto It's getting hot out in the desert.
#AnimalTales Bob has been rather poorly.
#HDYGG and #PoCoLo It's too hot to be gardening.

Sunday Day 136 #PhotalifeREFLECTION
#SnapHappyBritMums daily photo prompt for #May #reflection linked in with #OneDailyPositive and#Project366.

Monday Day 137 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #MyView #may #SnapHappyBritMums Peter may be back from his recent travels, but he's working late every night at an exhibition, so after work and baking a batch of gingerbread men for another teacher, I headed off to @mercatomall for a spot of shopping and dinner.

Tuesday Day 138 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #eating #may #SnapHappyBritMums I'm not feeling well, but made an effort to get something to eat, my throat is swollen so Bob finished off the bacon and Pushkins seems to like the brown sauce. 

Wednesday Day 139 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #work#may #SnapHappyBritMums no work for me this evening, I needed a night off, so it was out for a meal with Peter's work mates, much better idea in my opinion.

Thursday Day 140 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #pet #may#SnapHappyBritMums sorry Bob but the pavements are too hot for your paws for a walk, so we're going to switch to 5am walks from now on #dogsofinstagram #summerindubai #dog #dogsindubai

Friday Day 141 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #ticket#may #SnapHappyBritMums planning a holiday of a life time. 10 days in South Africa to include an overnight stay @krugernationalpark and #volunteer#teaching in a #township then 2 nights in #Dubai, a night in London, then #Munich for a few days, followed by a tour of the U.K. With Peter. #travel#solo #explore #expat #holiday #dubai #johannesburg #flights #emirates

Saturday Day 142 #OneDailyPositive #Project366 #may#reading #SnapHappyBritMums Usain Bolt described his race last night as sluggish, I'll tell you what sluggish is, it takes me more than 10 seconds to stand up, let alone run 100m's. But I'm happy to take things easy, after a day chilling at home, we're now watching the sun set on the beach.


  1. Your trip of a lifetime sounds amazing. It must be great to have that to look forward to. Sorry to read that you feel you lack a bit of purpose at the moment.
    Love the photo of Bob reflected in the lake.

  2. I think as we get older we do start to become unsettled with what we have to offer to life in general and start to feel unfulfilled. I hope the holiday of a lifetime gives you a good boost. I still think you are very very brave for doing all this alone, I hate to travel alone and panic coming back on a train from Glasgow which is 40 mins away!!
    Laughed at the cat liking brown sauce.

    1. I'm not actually looking forward to the travel part, but the actual visit is exciting me