Friday 20 May 2016

Why I've given up gardening for a few months with #HDYGG

With the temperature in the high 30's during the day and rarely dropping below 30c at night and the humidity, the plans for the garden have been put on hold, especially growing vegetables. 

Last year the weather slowed me down, but this year I'm working full time and being outside in the heat and the drive home from work, after a full day of teaching just drains me and it's as much as I can do to have dinner, walk the dog and water the garden, before collapsing into bed.

I'm also leaving Dubai for July and August to escape the heat, travelling to South Africa, Germany and the UK, so I'll have plenty of gardens to photograph and blog about on my travels, for now the husband and I are off out to explore the world of indoors in one of the many malls in Dubai with a focus on the outdoor life.

This has sat here for 3 weeks, waiting to be planted and seeds sown.

The purchase of this 15m hose pipe has helped as it saves me dragging the larger one round to water every evening.

The chills and tomatoes are still producing.

I was a little surprised to discover 2 new peppers.

The tall plants are now lacking their bright pink/purple flowers, but they are providing excellent protection to the other flowers, especially the nasturtiums, from the sun.

 Photo taken last week, you can see how colourful the flowers were compared to yesterdays picture, above.

Sadly some of my indoor plants haven't made it, i don't know if it's over watering, the air con or just bad luck.

Both the indoor and outdoor basil are doing exceptionally well, but the hydrangea is looking a bit worse for wear and I've no idea what to do with it.

This si the car park where I work, on the edge of the city near a housing estate. Unless the land is built on or landscaped, this is what all open spaces look like in Dubai, beige and barren and slightly depressing.


  1. Must be hard in such heat so sounds like a wise move and I look forward to your gardens you see on your travels. Love those tall spiky plants.

    1. thank you, I'm really looking forward to spend time outside as much as possible

  2. Your tall plants are looking great!
    Let me know when you are in the UK - it would great to meet up finally. Enjoy your travels sweet cheeks :)

    Thanks for joining in again too, of course x

    1. thanks, I'm so looking forward to visiting the uk it's ben 10 months since my last trip there

  3. Wow it sounds extremely hot out there! Enjoy your escape from the heat for a while!! :) #pocolo

  4. Goodness you've done so well and against the odds, it sounds sensible to take a break especially as you're travelling. The chillis look fab.

    1. can't believe i still have chilli's, tomatoes and peppers growing

  5. Gosh it must be difficult trying to grown anything in that heat! You've got some lovely looking flowers hun. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo.