Thursday 11 May 2017

Spring in the UK - Bluebells, views, woodland walks and daffodils

Malvern Hills

I love every season in the UK, I love the greenery, the landscape, the weather. The UK is my home, but I now live in Dubai. 
Spring in Dubai marks the end of a life outdoors as summer and temps in the high 40s get closer.

The River Monnow

I'd forgotten how colourful the UK was in Spring and I loved the displays of Bluebells, daffodils, lilac and tulips, literally popping up in pockets colours in gardens and on the side of the roads.

Bluebell Woods, Malvern Hills.

Lilac over looking Malvern

Daffodils on the side of the road.

Flowers in my mums garden

Even the hedgerows, paths and walls looked pretty

Dandelions, weeds and nettles.

But what I miss the most are trees and greenery, woodland walks, walking through fields and enjoying the landscape.

I'm looking forwarded to returning to the UK the end of June and seeing how much it has changed in summer. 

What's your favourite season and why?


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm loving spring right now - just wish it was a little warmer!

    1. too warm here in dubai, looking forward to summer over in the uk now

  2. Lovely pictures :) I love seeing the bluebells everywhere :)

    1. i rely miss see the natural colours of the countryside, now we live in Dubai