Sunday 10 September 2017

My Sunday Photo - Week 141 A is for Apps, Arrivals and Aeroplane

Isn't technology marvellous? At 7.15am this morning, my Husband sent a Whatsapp message from this very plane with a picture from the window captioned 'Iran' I replied with 'Actually you're flying over Iraq' 

I was tracking him on Plane Finder.

I made my way by train to Birmingham Airport and tracking his flight I made sure I was at the arrival window to take this photo as his flight from Dubai landed at 12.14pm.

I then went for coffee in the cafe opposite and waited for him to pass immigration and collect his suitcase and clear customs, before collecting the hire car and returning to South Wales for the next 2 weeks before I track him when he returns to Dubai. 

Hopefully he'll be tracking my return flight sometime in October.


  1. Technology is a wonderful thing, what did we do before apps and phones?

    Thank you for linking up

    1. When my dad travelled we'd wave him off and wait two weeks without contact for him to return

  2. I love flight tracker apps - I often do the same when my hubby is flying too :-)

    1. it's quite fun to follow his flight and saves a fortune on car parking charges