Sunday 24 September 2017

One Daily Positive - Week 38

An up and down week emotionally, but as Peter says that's normal for me and I'm starting now to think about when I'm returning to Dubai. Mum's house is sold, so need to find somewhere for her to live, find the teen a job and a home, get the tax return completed and a few blogging assignments written and I'll be off. I expect to be done in the next 3-4 weeks.

260 Sunday Relax
Peter and I went for a walk around the town and took a couple of short cuts across the fields, then ended up taking us well out of our way. Child 2 and 2a joined us at my Mum's for a Sunday roast.

261 Monday Yay!
Took the last of Dad's stuff to the skip today, not an easy task throwing videos and tins of paint away, should be an easy job, but it wasn't. The staff were great and helped out by saving me the stress of sorting through all the paint and oil.

262 Tuesday My Desk
Took Mum to Newport to meet up with Dad's friend who he's known since the day they were born and who with his wife, who died 5 years ago, were Mum and Dad's best friends. Mum then had an appointment at the Royal Gwent and the evening was spent in the flat catching up with blogging stuff.

263 Wednesday Sweet
Collected the teen from Stratford and drove home through the Cotswolds, stopping off at Bourton on the Water for lunch and Ice Cream.

264 Thursday Depth
Not a good day for me, I feel overloaded, can't do right for doing wrong, trying too hard, not doing enough and admitted defeat, sending Peter out for the day with child 1, 2 and 2a while I got rid of a potential migraine and lined up some house viewings for Mum for next week.

265 Friday Water Splash - Splashing out with family and friends
I won't be with Peter for his 60th birthday in October so I invited family and friends to join us for a birthday meal to celebrate early before he flies home on Sunday. This was the early part with the family, our friends joined us afterwards for a table for 20. I'm sure we'll have a few celebrations back in Dubai also.
2, Hubby Thing 2, Sister, her partner, Thing 3, Nephew in law, Niece, thumbs up from 5, Mini me, Mum, Thing 1 and Me.

266 Saturday Fly
Up early and after coffee with Peter's Mother, we spent the day at the Malvern Autumn Show. We lived in Malvern before we emigrated and this is the first time we've been back to one of the shows and the first time we've been without kids, parents or other people and it was lovely to wander around at our own speed, have a picnic, browse the stalls and watch the sheep dog show without having to consider other people's needs.

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  1. Another busy week for you. It must have been a relief to clear the last of your dad's stuff and to get your mum's house sold. How lovely to meet up with your dad's old friend! I'm sure it was bittersweet.
    Love the photo of the family celebrating Peter's birthday.

    1. we had a great birthday meal for Peter, feel so much better having sorted Dad's stuff now for mum. We haven't seen much of Dad's mate recently, we must make more of an effort

  2. Glad you find some time to relax and I always find Malvern a lovely place to be. My mum grew up there and we used to visit regularly until Grandma went into a home in Worcester a few years back. Sounds like you have some more busy weeks planned, but you have accomplished an enormous amount.

    1. am tempted to move back to Malvern when we return to the UK, we both loved living there

  3. It sounds like you have had another busy week....It sounds like Malvern Autumn Show was a great way to relax! Good luck with trying to get everything done x

    1. my job here is almost done, am thinking about my return to Dubai now

  4. So glad the tip runs have come to end and and great news about your Mum's house sale. Hope she can find something quickly and the chain is stress free for you all, and that the birthday celebrations went well x

    1. found enough stuff for another tip run, where the heck it all comes from I have no idea

  5. glad you took a day off to reflect for yourself. Hope you manage to find your mum a house before her move out date. could teenager not move in with his gran? just a passing thought, gives him a home and her some company.
    we have done a few dump runs this week as well.

    1. the teen is already staying at my mums, but we live in a really small town with no transport links other than local buses so we need to get him to a bigger town

    2. yes public transport is an issue here as well.