Wednesday 20 September 2017

Toilet humour

Well it's obviously been an issue at some point in time for signs to be put up.

I've never considered flushing clothing down a toilet, have you?

These are common signs in South African toilets, trust me, you'll be very grateful that the instructions are followed.

What's the strangest toilet sign you've seen?


  1. Love this! There's a brilliant one in Weston-super-Mare that says 'Please do not wash feet in pans' (ie the toilet bowl). Who would do that?! Presumably it must have happened for them to have felt the need to put the sign up!

  2. I'm guilty of this, flushing the sand off my feet from the beach lol

  3. How very peculiar - who would... but I guess at least someone has! Thanks for giving me a giggle and bemusement and sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. it does make me chuckle some of the things i see living abroad

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