Sunday, 17 September 2017

One Daily Positive - Week 37

A roller coaster of a week. We went to Lyme Regis for a few days and I was a mess. It was the first time since my Dad died 9 weeks ago that I'd been away for more than 24 hours and I felt very frightened about returning to Dubai in the near future, knowing that when I next come back to the UK my Dad won't be here. It was also the first time I had time with Peter on my own to really talk properly and not be the person everyone else was turning to for support. I had a panic attack in a shop, my legs went from underneath me and I couldn't breathe. I've also had a bad does of the flu, nut a few days on the beach, the fresh air, some time alone while Peter went fishing and finishing the week off with a shopping trip and catching up with friends, I feel a lot better.

253 Sunday What's the story?
My sister took me to Ledbury and I caught the train to Birmingham airport to collect Peter, we sorted car hire, picked up the teen from Stratford and returned to South Wales.

254 Monday TV
Off to Gloucester to visit Child 1 and then collected my niece from school, we explored the castle, some tunnels and had ice cream.

255 Tuesday My World
We drove to Lyme Regis, stoppimg off in Keynsham to visit MIL for coffee, checking in at the B&B and finding a pub for dinner after a walk along the sea front.

256 Wednesday Sharp
We set off after breakfast to Weymouth, but after getting halfway there turned round and went to Exmouth for the day, where we battled the wind and rain and walked along the sea front. My parents were due a holiday in Weymouth this week and I just couldn't face going there, knowing that we would've been meeting up with them under different circumstances. Peter's friend came down for the evening and another pub dinner.

257 Thursday If Pets could talk
Peter and his friend took the boat out for the day, I wandered around the town, went back to the B&B after my panic attack then pulled myself together and went hunting for fossils on Monmouth Beach. Back to the pub for dinner.

258 Friday Music
Up early for a walk on the beach and stopped at Wookey Hole on the way home, we had a game of crazy golf, lunch and got lost in the hall of mirrors. Called in at MIL's on the way home. The teen went back to Stratford for a few days.

259 Saturday Hug
Met Mum in town for coffee, dumped a weeks worth of washing on her and headed off to visit child 1, took her to the Quay's and did some shopping. Met up with some friends for a drink, called in at mum's for an hour and spent the evening chilling out in the flat.

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  1. What a week for you! Sorry to hear about the panic attack. I hope your little break with Peter has helped you to feel refreshed.

    1. I do feel a lot better now, having had a break from it all

  2. Sounds like you had the break you needed at last, but I know the panic attack must have been scary.

    1. the panic attack was scary, but i knew what it was and managed my breathing this time and recovered quickly, it was good to be amongst strangers, made it easier to walk away from

  3. Oh dear! I am glad you are feeling better now...What a week!
    I'm glad you had a break. You needed it. x

  4. Glad the break away gave you chance to spend some time on yourself and I am sure the meltdown was therapeutic even if it was very scary at the time.
    Laughed at the title of your doodle book.
    Great picture of the sky with the boats

  5. I'm so glad you had some time out and the emotions came flooding out. You needed that release. That doodle book is totally meant for you right? xx #365

  6. Oh no sorry to hear about the panic attack, that must have been so scary. Glad you managed to get a bit of a break though

  7. Sounds like a break was just what you needed, a bit of time out. I hope you're still feeling better. So sorry about the panic attack, that must have been very scary x