Thursday 28 December 2017

A visit to Bollywood Park with Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts are located about a 20 minute drive from the Marina on the road to Abu Dhabi and will cost you around 50 AED to reach by taxi. You can also drive there yourself and it's worth visiting the Outlet Mall located in the same area.

Since the kids left home, theme parks are not something my husband and I visit, in fact we will avoid them, especially during the holiday season, but I had a free ticket to visit one of the parks and after our visit to the cinema on Christmas Eve to see Paddington, without kids, where we stood out from all the other parents with small children, we opted to visit Bollywood Park rather than Legoland or Motion gate.

I failed to check the website properly for their opening times and we arrived 2 hours before Bollywood Park opened and we could purchase a 2nd ticket for Peter, but we spent our time in Riverland which is an outdoor area with activities, shops and restaurants. Sadly as the park doesn't really come to life until after 4pm, a lot of the attractions, stalls and restaurants weren't opening, but most of them were related to children's activities anyway, so we weren't that bothered. So we sat and had lunch and coffees and enjoyed walking around in the fresh air and enjoying being outside in Dubai in winter rather than stuck inside a mall.

There was a free shuttle bus for the parks from the car park, but I can imagine there will be a lot of waiting in the busier periods and indeed when we returned to the car park at 6pm, it was very busy indeed. Parking costs 20 AED and tickets for the parks can be purchased either online or at the individual gates, but queuing times can be long.

The park was very quiet when we entered at 2pm which meant we were able to enjoy everything the park had to offer and not have to queue for any of the rides and had a good view of all the entertainment.

Now I know nothing about Bollywood, the closest I've ever been to a Bollywood movie was Slumdog Millionaire, but I was surprised by how much of the merchandise I recognised for the movies, especially Gabbar Singh and Dabangg.

The rides in the park were 3D and 4D motion rides, they were fun, especially the road chase through Dubai to catch Don, but both Peter and I spent our time watching the scenery to see if we could spot our house. We particularly enjoyed the 'shoot the villains' ride and we were rather competitive. peter won and I'm annoyed with myself for telling him how the game worked, giving him the edge over me. lol.

There were plenty of restaurants and snacks stalls inside Bollywood Park to choose from, including a train that was converted to a dining car and a double decker bus.

It was good value for money at 95 AED per ticket and I'd like to go back and explore the other parks at some point before it gets too hot and too busy and it's certainly best visited on a working day, if like me you're not a big fan of crowds and other peoples kids. But I'd recommend you check opening times as they are seasonal, consider VIP parking and book your tickets online to save queuing.

For residents, annual passes are available and if you're planning on visiting 2 of the parks, even just the once it's worth purchasing a pass.


  1. We didn't get time to do any parks in Dubai. This looks great - clean, bright and characterful. Thanks for the info. Useful if we return again x

    1. the park was lovely, we've only visited this one, thought we'd save the rest for when we get visitors

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