Saturday 15 September 2018

One Daily Positive - Week 37

I've been up early before sunrise at 6am to walk Bob and water the garden. The actual gardening will have to wait till I finish my travels the end of October, it's still too hot. There is a humid factor of 'feels like' 10c more than the actual average temperature of the high 30's.

I spent 3 days on and off cleaning the house, it's not had a deep clean since the end of May. Peter did clean and tidy while I was away, but book cases and shelves were incredibly dusty. The two spare rooms were full of sand around the doors and windows and the rooms looked like a haunted house covered in dust. One room is the guest room and the other my sewing room and study. Peter just left the doors shut while I was away.

My blood test results are back, Vitamin B12 deficiency, levels very low and no improvement with iron levels after 3 months of supplements so infusions to look forward to. Still no clue to the cause.

252 Sunday Off to meet my friend for coffee and as usual 3 hours, none stop nattering and only 1 coffee each, sometimes we've sat there for an hour before we've even ordered coffee. Cleaned the downstairs of the house in the afternoon after the food shop, went for a swim while Peter cooked dinner, watched a movie and in bed before 9pm.
Some of the malls make you feel you're actually outdoors

253 Monday Up at 5am and sat in the garden drinking tea with the cat (on her lead) and dog, walked Bob and rearranged the furniture in the hall so I could bring the pushbikes inside as the sun is damaging them and it's a flaff to keep chaining (unchaining) and removing the covers. Met a friend for lunch.
Bumped into this fella (no idea why there was a cut out of Ronaldo in the store)

254 Tuesday Early morning start to the dog park to meet our dog and human friends, spent the afternoon cleaning upstairs, went to the outlet centre in the evening. It's the Arabic new year today, but they've made Thursday the public holiday.
Bob ran some energy off in the outdoor area, but we didn't stay outside for long

255 Wednesday Doctors first thing for B12 injections and treatment plan. Found somewhere local to do all the recycling, swept/hoovered and mopped through the house and went to the pub quiz in the evening.
Started a new book

256 Thursday Peter was off work, I headed off to a local football club to meet with them about volunteering with a new youth league they're setting up. We went to Ikea and didn't argue, only bought things we didn't know we needed, stopped at the flamingo sanctuary on the way home, met a friend for coffee and had an early night.
Dubai skyline

257 Friday We headed off to the Palm for Brunch, nothing else happened all day.
I was defeated by dessert

258 Saturday In bed all day with a migraine, Peter had a friend round in the afternoon for a few beers.
Breakfast in bed, coffee in bed, dinner in bed

On the blog this week:

Construction projects in Dubai and how they've come on in the 3 months that I was away.

6 days in Bavaria in July. Things to do and places to see.

My dream wedding venue 'Under one roof' part of my Wedding series blog post.


  1. I hope the migraine has cleared up now. I'm glad you've at least got some answers on your health problems now. I hope there is a solution for you! I don't envy you all of that cleaning!

    1. migraine gone now thankfully, don't need that on top of everything else

  2. A flamingo sanctuary! Now that I would like to see. I love a Katie Fforde book. Haven't read one of hers for a while though. Hope the infusion/treatments work.

  3. I bet with all the sand your house takes some cleaning....
    Good luck with the supplements and the infusions. I hope you do eventually get to the bottom of what is causing your problems.
    hahaha! The random Ronaldo did make me chuckle.
    Ikea and a flamingo sanctuary sounds like a fun day out.
    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Migraines are the worst. x

  4. How frustrating for you not to get to the bottom of the problem after all these blood tests. Hope B12 injections will help. The selfie with Ronaldo made me smile, your eyes are sparkling with mischief. The palm trees in the mall - are they real? Is there enough light for them to grow?

    1. my friend was with me and groaned with embarrassment at the selfie

  5. Well done on the IKEA trip. I went this week too with a strict list and I had all the aisle numbers noted. Only bought one thing not on the list and that was a replacement for a bowl I'd broken so I was quite chuffed too.

    1. we just ended up in there, it's connected to a mall

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  7. did you have to make your own brekkie in bed or was it brought to you?
    I bought things I didn't know I needed last time I was at Ikea as well.
    Flamingos en masse is a different trip out.

  8. It must be great to see the flamingos with those skyscrapers as the backdrop. Sorry about the migraine, and good luck with the football club volunteering #365

    1. it is lovely seeing the flamingoes and then remembering where i am

  9. I Hope they can manage to find out why the iron levels are so low! Hope the infusions go well. My mum has to have B12 injections every 12 months. Oh I would love to visit the flamingo sanctuary!

  10. I hope the injections are starting to have a positive effect. Enjoy the Katie Fforde book! #project365