Saturday, 22 September 2018

One Daily Positive - Week 38 South Africa

Most of you know we used to live in South Africa for almost 4 years January 2011 till December 2014. I missed a trip back last year due to my father dying and this year I can only fit in 2 weeks due to a family wedding the beginning of October.

I really didn't want to leave SA, but we couldn't get our visas renewed, so Dubai it was.

Child 3 and 3a arrived back in the UK over the weekend to surprise their family and friends. I felt/feel left out.

Anyway I'm in South Africa now for 2 weeks, catching up with friends and helping out with a couple of charities, I used to be involved with.

259 Sunday By 8am I'd rescued the cat who broke free of her harness and escaped from the garden, walked Bob, caught up with blog comments and did the ironing. Packed for my trip to South Africa and updated address book and scheduled some blog posts. Visited the Marina to scout for a new location to document the building of Uptown Dubai. Got my clarinet out to help with some breathing practice as I was feeling dizzy and short of breath today, it really helped.

260 Monday Dr's for yet more blood tests, grrrrrr. Coffee afterwards and a trip to the supermarket to find out if the palm trees are real, as requested by Galina. Spent the afternoon in bed, so tired and aching all the time, it's really starting to get me down now. Blood tests back in 3-5 days.

261 Tuesday Took Bob to the indoor dog park, meeting up with human and canine friends. Collected the cat and dropped them both off for boarding  as Peter flew to Saudi for till the weekend. Got the car cleaned and cleaned the rest of the house.

262 Wednesday 8 hour flight to Johannesburg, collected by my friend Cheryl and straight out to Ridgebacks for Jam Jars with my friends and off to Dorette's for the night.

263 Thursday Was dropped off at the storage unit where all the charity donations are stored, sorted, did and inventory and packed 100 boxes, an early night as my hole body aches badly.

264 Friday Back to the storage unit to collect everything needed for the Christmas boxes for children aged 14-18. Each box contains: toothbrush and paste, face cloth, soap, stationery, a toy, sweets, an item of clothing. We've run out of boxes now to pack into, need another 1000 to reach the target. If I can buy and pack 100 a day, we should get there.

265 Saturday Taking the weekend off to meet up with friends and just relax.

On the blog this week:

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  1. I'd love to visit South Africa, hope you have a wonderful time with friends. #365

  2. I hope you are having a wonderful time in South Africa. What you are doing is fantastic.
    You play the clarinet. How cool! I did not know that.

  3. Busy busy as usual. Will 3 and 3A still be in the uk when you get back?
    Not a lot of UK kids would thank you for the contents of the box, most expect these to be every day items.
    Enjoy your time back with friends

  4. I used to play the clarinet as well. Not sure where mine are - attic possibly. Hope the christmas box gathering goes well

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  6. I didn't know about clarinet practice helping as a breathing technique. Thank you for your detective work at the mall and finding out about the palm trees. :) Hope you enjoy your visit. There's a lot of work to do with Christmas boxes, but I imagine it is very rewarding to know you bring joy to so many children.

  7. hope you've sourced the remaining boxes you need. Fingers crossed on those test results and glad an old skill is helping with your breathing #365

  8. I love the pic with the plane shadow! Busy busy busy again! #project365