Monday 3 September 2018

Munich by train. 6 days in bavaria. Places to visit and things to do.

I last visited Munich in 2016, this trip I revisited a couple of the same places, but saw different parts of them. I only spent one day in Munich on this trip compared to 3 days the last visit. I discovered visit a city app, that allowed me to plan my itinerary and download the maps so they were available off line.

On arriving in Munich, getting off 2 stops early, I entered Starbucks into Google maps knowing it would lead me to the city centre and sat having coffee by accident over the road from the Asamkirche, a baroque and Rococo creation by the Asam Brothers in the 1700's

a skeletal image of death with scissors about to cut through the life-thread of a poor soul

Peterkirche or St Peter's Tower This visit I don't go up the tower, but if you click on the link you'll see the marvellous views. Inside the church is wonderfully decorated.

Patron Saint of Spinsters

Marienplatz is the Central Square and is surrounded by historical buildings. The queues for the tower were too long so I skipped that it gives me another excuse to go back.

Astronomical Clock

The Toy Museum, I visited last year.

Frauenkirche - Munich's Cathedral. constructed in 1468. Legend has it that this is the Devil's footprint. He struck a deal with the builder to finance the construction as long as it contained no windows. He stamped his foot in temper after discovering the church had windows cleverly hidden behind pillars and there was originally a high alter that obscured the end window, that was destroyed along with most of the interior during World War II.

At this point I finished my visit a city tour and went off in search of some of the lesser known historical sites to visit.

Museum of hunting and fishing, Neuhauser Street.

Munich is full of churches and open freely to the public, I did leave a donation for each one I visited and many places also requested no commercial photography or to pay a donation to take pictures.

The architecture is stunning, so many fountains and statues to discover, you could almost walk past quite a lot without realising.

No idea why this Michael Jackson memorial is located here.

Viscardigasse - golden cobblestones mark the place and time when this alley was used to avoid having to give a Nazi salute.




The Hofbrauhaus House I didn't venture inside this time, but I did manage to sample quite a few of their beers during my stay.


I didn't get time on this trip but it's also worth planning in a visit to the English Gardens for a spot of surfing and naked sunbathing.


  1. Thanks for sharing this - it's great to explore this city. I love the golden cobblestones - such a strong story behind such a subtle memorial xx

    1. it was one of the lesser known tourist attractions

  2. I love city breaks and admiring the architecture, Europe really has some stunning places!! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. I really appreciate Europe a lot more now since living in Dubai