Saturday 29 September 2018

One Daily Positive - Week 39 Charity work in South Africa.

Normally I write this blog post on a daily basis, but I've been so busy with packing Christmas boxes that it's Saturday morning and I've no idea what's been going on.

I had to have my finger prints taken to prove I have no criminal record for my time in South Africa ready for when we return to the UK, not something I was asked to produce when I was teaching in Dubai.

I've had a mixed week, packing and sourcing items and funding for nearly 500 Christmas boxes. We have a storage unit near by, which I've been organising and using items from to pack. Sourcing empty shoeboxes has been my biggest challenge to date. I've spent time with friends, read 2 books, blogged and generally just chilled out. I also made sure I slotted in some time for a mini safari.

The friend I'm staying with had to go to Canada with work. Her parents who stay here also, have been  looking after me with dinner, printing labels, the loan of a car and making sure I'm still alive in the cellar. I have however taken over their part of the house now with storing packed boxes also.

I also booked two further flights this week, one to Cairo in November for a weekend and another back to South Africa in December for a week for handing out the christmas boxes in the townships. Peter is working in both places and with having been away for most of the year, he asked me to join him on both trips, otherwise I get back and then he goes away.

More about the Christmas shoebox appeal. 

266 Sunday Shopping and lunch with friends. Sadly I won't see the Jacaranda's in full bloom, everywhere will be purple in a week or so.

267 Monday Storage, read book, packed boxes in the cellar.

268 Tuesday Storage, finger prints, lunch date, cellar, baby sitting.

269 Wednesday Cellar, storage, cellar, safari, night with friends. Think about this question.....

Why did the chicken cross the road?

270 Thursday Storage, nail bar, cellar. An amazing thunderstorm occurred during the night.

271 Friday Storage, collected 300 boxes from a school, had a quick lunch with a friend and shopped in the evening, getting back to another fantastic thunderstorm. This took 4 car runs.

272 Saturday Packed 100 boxes and visited friend where I'm staying for the night. Family Pets.

On the blog this week:

My Sunday Photo - The reality of an African Sunset.

Why I don't like being 47. Was there a significant age for you? What do you think (or were you)  doing when you're that age?


  1. It sounds like you have had a busy week. What a wonderful thing to do though. I bet the boxes will be greatly appreciated x

  2. I tend to write mine up on a daily basis as well, two days at a time if pushed as find it too daunting to leave it for the whole week but have done it.
    I hope you get personal satisfaction for doing such a fabulous job for all the disadvantaged people, a big pat on the back from me to you.
    Glad you have had people looking out for you.

    1. thank you, I've really enjoyed catching up with old friends as well

  3. Sounds like a busy week and wow that is a lot of boxes! It is great that you are doing that.

  4. Busy week. That's a lot of boxes you do, but a good cause

  5. What a busy week you've had! You're doing such a fantastic job. I love the safari photo and the pictures of the pets.

  6. You must be exhausted but what a wonderful thing to have done. Sounds like you've got more exciting travels ahead. I visited Cairo in 1990, bet that's changed beyond recognition too! #365

  7. I love how you go back each year to help with the boxes. Sounds like you have a lot going on the next few months.

  8. What a busy week, with more planned ahead. The amount of boxes you need to do is staggering.
    My Mum has her fingerprints taken every year, when she applies for a visa to visit the UK, and also an iris reading.
    I've never seen a jacaranda in real life, I imagine it's very beautiful in bloom.

    1. In Dubai they scan finger prints, much nicer

  9. The Christmas boxes sound like a great cause and must really make a difference. #project365

    1. thank you they do and I'm back in december to start handing them out