Friday 7 September 2018

Wolfratshausen, Bavaria and Marchenwald Fairy Tales Land. 6 days in Bavaria. Places to visit and things to do.

I was based in Wolfratshausen a 90 minute train journey from Munich Airport, staying with friends for a week in July. This is my 2nd visit to see them. The first trip in 2016, I explored further a field only visiting their village for a coffee and to catch the train. This trip I spent a day exploring and there was so much to do. There's not a lot of English spoken there, but I got by with coffee and having google maps was a lifesaver, especially as I didn't have to pay roaming changes with my UK sim.


Beautifully decorated buildings


Several river crossings



Monuments and statues

Wonderful little cafes to sit and drink coffee, people watch and watch the world go by

Marchenwald Fairy Tale Land.

Yes please one ticket. It's aimed at families with small children and there were lots of primary school groups visiting when I was there. I felt a little conscious taking photographs and made sure I didn't capture any children in the shots, but it meant I spent a lot of time lurking in the trees, waiting for the are to clear. i was always going to look dodgy whatever I did lol.

All the fairy tales told were accessed by the press of a button in both German and English. 

Indoor play areas

Woodland walks

The story of Rapunzel, is about a pregnant woman who craves some rapunzel or  rampion as it translates into English, which is a salad leaf growing in a witches garden, her husband is caught stealing it and in exchange for their lives they have to hand over the baby girl. At the age of 12 Rapunzel is locked  
in a tower, until she is rescued by a blind Prince who hears her signing, on her release, Rapunzel cries and her tears restore the Prince's sight.

Hansel and Gretel. My favourite Grimm's fairytale. It tells the story of two young children abandoned in the woods, probably due to the fact it was the great famine and families could not afford to feed themselves and their children.


  1. Hi Suzanne, I bet you were in your element surrounded by the different architecture, it's so different than what you must see un Dubai. The Marchenwald Fairy Tale Land looks lovely and I did laugh at the vision of you trying your best not to look like you were preying on children by lurking in the trees. You were lucky you weren't arrested!

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingireal.


    1. i've certainly started to appreciate my surroundings more when I'm outside of Dubai