Tuesday 16 April 2019

Dating for the over 50's.

I'm 47, my husband 61 and we have been happily married for the past 16 years and together for 20 years. We had both been married before and were newly single when we met. Neither of us since our early 20’s has been involved in the dating game. I can't speak for my husband but when I was younger dating was very different from what it is now, back then one tended to date people from the local area, people you already knew or knew through friends or in the workplace.

So, you may ask just why then I am writing about over 50 dating?

We have quite a few single friends between our ages, both Male and Female, we are both grateful that the dating game is something we haven't had to play for a long time now. We both met our former partners through mutual friends and not blind dates. My husband and I met through our children, it was almost a year of getting to know each other before we started dating though.

Friends our age often talk to us about how hard it is to meet someone to form a relationship with. Relationships within the work place are often discouraged and can often be impulsive because a lot of time is spent together rather than having shared interests and hobbies.

Dating in the real world is described as competitive and often a mutual attraction stuck up in a club or a bar doesn’t have a long-term future and the friends we have spoken with about this are looking for long term commitment and not one-night stands.

I can't imagine at my age if I was single going out to bars and clubs in the hope of meeting someone special, it was hard enough as a teenager, being egged on by friends to chat someone up you had nothing in common with, let alone now as an adult approaching 50 in a body that is now 30 years older and the confidence issues that come with that.

Also, as many friends our ages have children still living at home, although in their teens, it’s difficult and expensive to spend time and money going out to bars and clubs. They often talk about the dangers of meeting people they know nothing about and have only just met.

Many of our friends use online dating sites and say they prefer to get the opportunity to build up a friendship and to talk openly and honestly over a period of time before exchanging phone numbers and meeting up. They feel more relaxed and have some idea of the person they are going to meet, know a little more about them such as likes and interests, they get the opportunity to chat with them over the telephone and get more of a feel for the real person they are going to commit to having a date with.

Many of our friends have said they’ve turned up to dates where the person they are meeting has used an old photo of almost 20 years, lied about their age, family situation and have even been married, just using dating sites for extra marital relationships.

Signing up to older-dating.com helps you set up your profile and allows you to connect with people you are most compatible with rather than make a decision based on looks alone as some dating sites operate. You’ll be asked a series of questions to enable you to save time scrolling though endless photo’s, matching you with other like-minded singles

Getting to know someone online in the comfort of your own home, is reassuring and comforting, you’re not wasting time meeting up with people you have nothing in common with.

This post is written in collaboration. 

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