Thursday 11 April 2019

Wedding Venues - All under one roof.

Just the one wedding for us this year. Child 4 of 5 is getting married, last year we had 3 weddings to attend, child 2, best friends and our niece.

All 3 weddings were different, but all 3 were in a church with a reception afterwards in a different location, requiring a car journey each way, as 2 of the venues were remote and taxis didn’t operate in those areas past 11pm. 1 in a pub and another in a marquee in a field. The middle wedding reception took place in a hotel so we were able to book a room in advance to stay over and not worry about whose turn it was to drive.

All weddings for us involve accommodation as we live in Dubai, so we have to factor in journey times with flights, driving from the airport and accommodation regardless of where the wedding takes place.

I’m pleased to say child 4’s wedding this year is all under one roof, and as it is in Northern Ireland we still have to factor in all the above, but it means we can stay the night before and the night of the wedding in the same hotel where the service and reception are being held.

This also helps us with our luggage allowance as we don’t need to take our whole suitcase with us and can save money with a low-cost flight from the UK mainland over to Northern Ireland.

It means we also don’t have to worry about wet weather or it being cold during the day as we’ll be indoors with the option of walking round the grounds if the weather is good. We can also return to our room between the reception and the evening do to get changed into something more relaxing meaning I don’t have to wear my heels all day.

As most people have to travel to attend weddings these days, you can get married pretty much anywhere you like. There are some gorgeous places to choose from in Hampshire wedding venues and nearby wedding venues in Berkshire and wedding venues in Surrey also. With the Home Counties offering good transport links and quite often better weather than further north.

Venues that offer the whole wedding under roof have the advantage of doing this on a regular basis, employing staff who are involved in wedding planning all year round. They will have everything needed on site should something to go wrong, they will supervise the delivery of the cake and flowers and ensure everything is set up as the Bride and Groom requested and often there is the possibility of seeing how the room will look laid out, when the Bride and Groom visit to make their booking and often these venues hold Wedding shows throughout the year where the Bride can get ideas and contacts for her dress, flowers, cakes, bridesmaids, gift lists and everything else involved in a wedding these days.

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