Monday 15 April 2019

Things I miss about the UK

I miss the weather.

While it's nice to have the sunshine here in Dubai, half the year it's just too hot to go outdoors to enjoy it. Yes really, well I don't miss the rain and the cold, I miss having seasons.

I miss the pubs.

We have pubs here but no draft ale, the prices are sky high and there's not one in walking distance from us.

I miss the food.

Yes we can buy almost anything we want here in Dubai, but we have to go to certain shops to buy certain things, such as bacon, Hellman's mayonnaise and chips.

I miss just walking around.

Whilst we have beaches here and parks and shopping malls, there are very few places to just take a walk and have a sit outside watching the world go by without spending money.


Yes I miss shopping, here we have all the shops in the world you could imagine, but what we don't have are small towns and villages to just stop off in, pick up a pint of milk, go into a charity shop and collect a few new books, visit a tea room and have a simple sandwich or a jam donut with your tea.

Old Buildings.

All I can see here are buildings, new modern designs and whilst they are impressive, nothing beats seeing a variety of buildings, both old and new.


Yes we have a garden, there are trees and plants and parks, but when you're out driving there's just sand, no rolling landscapes, no fields full of colour and hedgerows.


Of course people live in Dubai and huge numbers of tourists visit all year, but it's a city and I miss just randomly bumping into people I know and striking up conversations.


I miss crap game shows and daily news. We do get some UK TV and of course we get all the sport, including football and 3pm kick offs on a Saturday, but no Match of the Day. We get world news and keep up to date with social media, but there's never anything on the TV other than choosing which movie you want to watch.

Do you live abroad? Are there things you miss?

In South Africa we couldn't get PG Tips.
In Dubai we can't get Heinz Chicken soup.

I'm taking curly wurly's to a friend in South Africa and from South Africa, I'm taking cheese curls and mint crisps over to friends in Germany.


  1. I have a friend who emigrated, she says that she misses the seasons that we have at home #globalblogging@_karendennis

    1. we've had a proper winter here this year, but then it's just summer, i really do miss the seasons

  2. mhm what about tea bags? A number of colleagues travel with tea bags, some even brought their own to a fancy 5star resort we went to on a conference... #globalblogging

  3. It's amazing what we take for granted when it is just here, but I can see why you would miss these things - perhaps not the rain! #Globalblogging

    1. we've had enough rain of our own this year