Sunday, 7 April 2019

Using up the plastic in our house

A while ago I purchased paper straws, food nets for when I was shopping and reusable coffee cups and drinking bottles. I've had a collection of Tupperware for quite a few years, that we for storing left overs, freezing batch cooked food and storage of smaller items.

All the above I've been using religiously as well as my own shopping bags and doing my bit where ever I can to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our home, which does involve changing some of the items I used to buy as there was too much packaging on them. Buying loose rather than multi pack even if it does cost more, which is often false economy anyway.

This weekend I had a tidy of the kitchen and discovered I had loads of plastic shoved in the back of drawers that I no longer had use for, but what to do with it all. Throwing away defeats the whole point of reducing plastic waste so I've decided to put it to use and just use it all up. I will however dispose of it where possible correcting, straws I will put through the shredder first so they can't endanger wildlife in the sea should they end up there. The zip lock bags will be used to store none perishable items, such as craft and hobby items.

I'm looking to purchase the reusable cling wrap next time I'm in the UK.

I'm going to replace our metal bathroom bins with recycled bins that can be emptied then washed and sterilised to save on the use of bags for lining and the old bins will be used as containers for plants in the garden.

I've been buying bulk and bagged products of hand wash, washing detergent, washing up liquids, shampoo, conditioner and show gels and decanting to smaller bottles I already own, for a while now.

I try to buy ethically sourced products and actively avoided peanut butter made from palm oil when I made the dogs treat biscuits rather than buying the foil wrapped ones I was purchasing weekly.

I'm doing my best here, I really am. Every little really does help.


  1. Plastic is just everywhere, isn't it? I've never got why things like bananas are sold wrapped in plastic.

    1. I don't get that either and they sell individually wrapped oranges as well

  2. I think we all need to be realistic - plasticfree is somewhat utopian for the majority of people so it's great to see how to reduce plastic waste/ use in simple steps that a large number of people should be able to do #goinggreen

  3. I have said when I have some money to spare that I am going to be buying reusable food wrapping as well. Trying to do my bit.

    1. haven't been able to find any here in Dubai yet