Friday 8 May 2020

Post Comment Love - 8th-10th May

I don't know about you but lockdown is planned around food. Making sure I get what I need, meal planning to ensure it doesn't go out of date. I find the best way for me to plan my meals is to batch cook every 2 weeks.

I'm trying to minimise the number of times I have to go shopping, I'm managing a supermarket shop in person or if I'm lucky online once every 2 weeks. I then pick up fresh milk and a few treats once a week from the local shop and also buy a TV guide and sweets that I post to my mum.

Fortunately I've managed online shopping for my mum, I place an order with the supermarket each week, with a list of foods I know my mother likes and she'll add a few things, namely sweets and cakes, 2 days before it gets delivered. My niece and her husband have been popping out for milk, bread, fruit and yogurts to top up in between deliveries and they then let me know what they want to add to the online order for themselves.

I'm paying for mums shopping, she'll pay me back when she's able to get to a bank. She rarely uses the ATM, I can't see her doing online banking anytime soon.

How are you managing your shopping? Are you shopping for others?

Stephanie and I would love to hear about what you've been up to this week.

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  1. Just read about this linky on Twitter and it says here 8-10 May but also says it's already closed (on the morning of 8th.) Is this right? If so could you tell me how long it stays open normally, thanks!