Friday 12 June 2020

Post comment Love - 12th-14th June

It's been 10 weeks since I arrived back in the UK, from my home in Dubai. I was scheduled to have returned for 3 weeks in May to organise a house move and shipping our furniture back to the UK.

An international relocation is bloody hard at the best of times. In the past we've been hampered by HR and companies that refuse to deal with me as Peter's wife as the contracts are in the company name and they've only been able to talk to Peter or HR about all the stuff I'm usually running around behind the scenes doing such as filing in custom and insurance forms, trying to organise school places online meetings with Heads, contacting agents to rent a property in an unknown country, organise the papers for the cat and dog.

So for this move we decided to go ahead and do it all by ourselves, no time scale, no HR, no visas required, no new bank accounts to open and no medical reports to file, so what could possibly go wrong this time? A pandemic, that's what.

So plans have been rejigged, house move and shopping of furniture put on hold and I'm living in the UK with the cat and dog and Peter has remained working in Dubai. On a positive I've now finished painting and cleaning the house, all repairs made and new carpets laid last week.

We have been able to repatriate as we are both citizens of the UK and residents of the UAE, but up until now, it's one way flights only and a total of 4 weeks in quarantine. If I return to Dubai it's the middle of summer, too hot to sit outside and I don't have anyone to look after the cat and dog in the UK.

If Peter comes here, apart from seeing me, he won't be able to spend time with the family to any degree, so we're waiting a bit longer before either of us gets on a plane. I flew during lockdown, it was unnerving, I'm in no rush to do it anytime soon. I've linked up with my experiences to this weeks #pocolo

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  1. Tough times! Oh gosh, here's me stressing about getting a bathroom and kitchen done which sounds trivial compared to your problems. Try not to blow a gasket Suzanne. I wouldn't have any nails left if I were you xx

    1. Several gaskets already blown and surprisingly enough, I still have finger nails, they just don't look too pretty