Friday 5 June 2020

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How is it June already?

Peter was supposed to be joining me this month, but with 2 weeks quarantine either side of his visit, we are waiting a bit longer.

Our friends daughter was getting married and for the first time in years Peter was actually going to be with me on my birthday. She rescheduled for June 26th next year, which happens to not only be my birthday, but my 50th. We were planning a cruise, but have scrapped those plans, I've joked they've saved Peter having to plan anything now.

I won't be venturing out any further or more often than I have been despite lockdown being lifted a little. Otherwise I feel it will have been a waste of my time and others for social distancing. I don't work, don't have school aged kids and I've invited my mum to move in with me in 2 weeks time as she doesn't have a garden and I could do with a bit of company also.

I've been enjoying lockdown, learning new skills, had more time for myself to rest and have been dealing with my anxiety and depression which has improved over the past 10 or so weeks.

It's amazing how busy I've been with DIY, gardening and crafts also as well as having the time and space to sort through my late fathers personal belongings. I've also spent a lot of time meal planning and maximising my shopping trips, so much so I've not had any food waste other than veg peelings which I've composted anyway. Last week I decided to attempt the Jam Jar challenge, where through recycling, repurposing and composting I minimise the amount of waste I throw out each week. I had a huge fail, which you can read about with this weeks #pocolo post I've linked up.

Stephanie and I would love to hear what you've been up to this week.

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