Wednesday 3 June 2020

Tan Leather Cardholder by Trendhim #ad

I was invited to choose a gift from Trendhim Men's Accessories and Jewellery online. I've previously reviewed a pair of gloves for my husband. This time it was child 5's turn for a gift and as he had his 21st birthday in lockdown, I selected this Tam Leather Cardholder for him.
Child 5 does everything online and on apps. From food shopping to store cards. He never has cash on him, he just taps his watch on the screen and voila, all done.

But he has realised that sometimes doing everything online is not always that simple. For example it's difficult to track your spend with contactless tap and pay and with a limit set for transactions, he will often need his card. He also needs to carry his work ID with him and has a couple of store/discount cards that don't have an online app version.

The cardholder has 9 handy pockets and a centre compartment that would be great for notes.

Trendhim have a wide range of leather wallets with prices from £25. They make an ideal gift for Fathers Day.


  1. This looks lovely. As you said, ideal for Father's Day!

    1. I hope my son likes it. My husband prefers to use a wallet with somewhere to store a few coins