Wednesday 11 November 2020

My Garden in October and plans for November

I've had another busy month in the garden and I've really enjoyed it.

It's the first time I've ever done proper gardening, as in actually been in one place long enough to see the seasons through.

I've been getting creative in the garden with building a cold frame and re edging the border with next door as well as a few minor repairs to the shed.

Using up the old wood from the shed.

Old glass from the shed window

I've now painted it with the same paint I used on the shed.

The more vulnerable plants such as the herbs and fuchsia's have been put into the cold frame and green house and I've planted sweet peas, beans and peas for an early spring crop and some cauliflowers as well as some Holly Hocks seeds. I've also sorted the seeds for next year and planted some bulbs for spring.

I've been buying Gardeners World Magazine each month and I have made a scrap book with all the jobs, planting schedules etc and I've left the sunflowers for bird food, and cut back the geranium as instructed but left the hydrangea to protect new growth.

There's been some harvest left and I've enjoyed making puree with the tomatoes, next year I'll make some chutney also.

Winter bedding has gone into the pots for a bit of colour in the garden.

The bay and olive trees as well as the clay pots have been wrapped for winter to protect against the frost and the garden lights and ornaments have been put into the shed.

I also made a container for the leaves in the garden they'll be used for mulch this time next year and I had fun with the old tree stump turning it into a noughts and crosses board.

This is the current state of the garden back home in Dubai that I'll be turning my attention to next month also, we'll see how it goes but I'm planning tomatoes, peas and beans and bedding plants to be grown all from seed in the sand.

UK Jobs for November

Turn the compost bin

Build a bird box

Mow the lawn

Clean garden tools

Wash garden wheelie bin

Plant blueberry plant, onions and garlic.

Re seed patches on the lawn

The weeds are all ready coming back through in the front so no doubt there will be a lot to work to do when I get back in February.

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  1. I just started gardening this year! I have not posted yet. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My garden was a zen place to be...