Wednesday 25 November 2020

My UK Garden in November

So these were the UK Jobs for November. 

Turn the compost bin - ran out of time and the weather turned the last few days I had in the house, so I gave it a good poke with a stick and added several layers of newspaper on the top, the lid has also gone back on.

Build a bird box - I used the old shed panels and have put the box up on a fence post, it will now have time to weather into it's surroundings before spring.

Mow the lawn - I checked the weather forecast for a rain free day.

Clean garden tools - All done after the last mow. Good do with getting the gardening sheers sharpened, but that will have to wait till the spring.

Wash garden wheelie bin - done. It won't be used again until I get back in February and was starting to smell a little.

Plant blueberry plant, onions and garlic - done. 

Re seed patches on the lawn - didn't get the opportunity to do this due to covid, but spring seeding will have to do.

The sweet peas and peas I planted will be a stringy knot by February, but it will be worth it to have an early crop. The broad beans aren't fairing well, but I can do a spring sowing anyway and the cauliflowers will have to fend for themselves.

The weeds are all ready coming back through in the front so no doubt there will be a lot to work to do when I get back in February.

I've been making some Christmas decorations and rock painting for the front garden also, the local school kids will knock the door (with their parents) and ask if they can take the pebbles, which I say yes to.

I'm looking forward to my return in February to plan my spring garden and make some planters for growing more vegetables. I'm already working on the Spring section of my scrap book.

The garden in Dubai will be overgrown by now. I already rescued the lawn when I was back in September and cut back all the shrubs. I'm out there till February so have plenty of time to sort it all out, however we do have to remove the garden and fence and leave it as we 1st rented it 3 years ago. We were supposed to have moved to an apartment in May this year, thankfully that didn't happen otherwise it would've been left for Peter to sort.

If you're interested this is how I created a garden in the desert.

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