Sunday, 22 November 2020

Week 47 - One Daily Positive - A week in Northern Ireland

A very quiet week for me staying with my son Child 4 and daughter 4a and their dog Molly in Northern Ireland. Household bubbles exist of 6 people here, so I have been able to join in with the parent in laws who live nearby.

NI has had a sort of lockdown with hospitality and hairdressers etc being closed but all shops have remained open, however they reopened hospitality etc on Friday for it to close down again on the 27th and none essential shops/businesses must close this time.

I've been keeping busy with housework, reading, making some Christmas decorations, binge watching the Crown and Pam Am,  as well as reliving my childhood memories with The Amazing Mr Blunden.

The weather has been wet, cold and windy so not a lot of time spent outside, but I'm feeling nice and relaxed and it's great to have some company.

Still no word on the container, so no idea how long I'm staying her for, my DIL is happy to have me here, my son is suggesting I maybe stay with his in laws for a few

320 Sunday Off for a drive to walk the dog with child 4 and 4a in Northern Ireland where I'm staying for the next few weeks. We got absolutely soaked, but it was great to be out in the woods and just have some company, called in at the Parent in Laws, followed by dinner, tv and I went to bed early.

321 Monday I woke around 3am despite all the walking, my day was spent walking around the village, helping with the housework while everyone was out and cooking dinner. In between I spent the rest of the day dealing with the 'white screen of death' on my i phone 8+.

322 Tuesday Ordered a new phone online should be delivered by Thursday. Went food shopping and to run some errands with son, did some housework, blogged, watched TV, bath and bed.

Molly and I were home alone for part of the day, she missed her humans.

323 Wednesday Spent the day in while 4 and 4a were at work, helped out with some household chores for them.

324 Thursday New phone arrived, had to set it up from i tunes so spent the day signing back into apps, resetting passwords and back up emails and OTP codes.

325 Friday Met up with sons MIL in town for a walk, a bit of shopping and a coffee.

326 Saturday Off to do the weekly food shop, the Parent in Laws came round for dinner. DIL gave me a manicure and gel polish.

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  1. Must be nice to get a change of scene and some different company for a little while. I seem to see the same few people all the time. Glad you have a dog to borrow for walks .

  2. It sounds like you have had a lovely week. Very relaxed and having the company must be nice.
    How exciting to get a new phone.x

  3. glad you are enjoying the company and making yourself useful with housework.
    Our dog sits on the back of the couch if one of us is out.
    Really annoying with your container still being AWOL.