Friday 16 February 2024

A selfie a day for a year

I love setting myself a challenge. Especially when it comes to blogging. I started Project 365 in January 2015, so this is my 10th year of a photo a day, combined with a One daily Positive. I've joined in with Fat Mum Slim and BritMums photo challenges and for 2024 I've decided to take a selfie of Peter and I together. 

We're on day 46 (15th February) and so far it's going well. Most of our photos are on the sofa or in the van and a lot of the time Peter just sighs at me, but deep down I think he likes the idea. 

I can't believe how different I can look from one day to the next depending on whether my hair is straight, up or I have my glasses on. I can tell the days I had a migraine, I look so tired.

Here are our photos to date:

1st January Glastonbury.

2nd January Cheddar Gorge.

3rd January On our way home.

4th January Yep, I'm really do these selfies.

5th January Ready for bed.

6th January Local garden centre.

7th January Grandson video call.

8th January Family selfie.

9th January Sneaking a selfie in.

10th January The family that cooks together.......

11th January Lying in wait at the top of the stairs for this one.

12th January Peter refused to cooperate, so I chopped half of him out.

13th January Sneaking a selfie in.

14th January Off to the shops.

15th January He's learning new words every day.

16th January Off to work in the dark.

17th January Pushkins joining in.

18th January One of many coffee shops.

19th January Work again.

20th January Visiting child 1

21st January Other grandchild video call.

22nd January Yes, this does count.

23rd January Sofa supper.

24th January Ironing done.

25th January Not playing ball this evening.

26th January Sneaky selfie.

27th January Stonehenge.

28th January Driving home.

29th January Coffee stop.

30th January I followed him into the shed. 

31st January Another evening, another selfie on the sofa.

1st February Something made us laugh.

2nd February My Friday evening chip and wine buddy.

3rd February Child 1's 36th birthday lunch.

4th February Pink Floyd Experience.

5th February Off to work

6th February More grandson time.

7th February Migraine.

8th February Reminding hubby what a catch I am.

9th February The cat loves her cuddles.

10th February Our video call was preventing grandchild from playing in their mud pit.

11th February Barry Island

12th February Cliff top walk.

13th February Driving home.

14th February Grandson showing us his toy cars.

15th February Paperwork being sorted.

16th February Out in Birmingham

17th February Lift into town for dinner and drinks with colleagues.

18th February All doing our own thing.

19th February Migraine.

20th February Dinner time.

21st February Sneaking in a selfie.

22nd February Lift to work.

23rd February Sneaking in another selfie.

24th February A visit with child 1.

25th February Out for a walk.

26th February Off to bed.

27th February Watching TV.

28th February Lift to work.

29th February Time for a coffee.

1st March St David's Day.

2nd March Work again.

3rd March Waving 4 year old grandchild off.

4th March Shattered.

5th March Family time.

6th March Back home after an evening with colleagues at Paint a Pot.

7th March Exhausted, off to bed early.

8th March Waiting for friend to come round with chips.

9th March Off to Bath.

10th March A day of rest, feeling under the weather.


  1. Wow - that is so impressive! There are some great photos, too. It's impossible to choose a favourite! I'm useless at selfies, perhaps I should practise more? #pocolo

    1. It's getting harder to find a new angle for the photos

  2. Well done! I love the sneaky ones, especially catching him coming up the stairs, and the ones with the grandchild calls are lovely.

    1. I have to sneak them in or he pulls a face

  3. Love this idea. I've got to tell you, your husbands facial expressions on some of these are priceless
    Linking up at #2&3

    1. He tends to have that look most times at me lol

  4. I have been loving your photos this year! It is such a great idea to do a selfie a day but I think most of mine would be me just sat in my armchair. lol I did ask my fella to do a month of photos with me and he said no way. lol
    You do look so different all of the time, especially with your hair!
    Day 4 did make me chuckle, he looked so over it. lol

    1. I'm struggling to make the selfies more interesting