Thursday 26 July 2012

They gave me an answer

On Monday I asked 'Why won't they give me an answer?',

And today I got my answer.

In fact I got 3 answers. 1 reply to an email dated 5th July, another one I sent on the 20th July and a response to a telephone query. Please note that all 3 answers read the same word for word and did not actually address the questions I raised, other than...'do I have a role or not?'

So I have my answer and it's NO, well actually it's not a NO, it's a ......

'We emailed you in May to tell you that we were entering the final stages of our Games Maker recruitment programme. We are now getting back in touch as promised, to update you on the situation.

We’re continuing to work through the final stages of our main recruitment programme, allocating applicants to roles in over 70 different teams within London 2012 as they become available.

At the moment we unfortunately do not have a vacant role that we are able to offer you.

However this does not mean your application has been unsuccessful. The process of filling roles is continuing, and we will carry on making offers from now until the Games as needed. In particular, we still have a number of Paralympic roles that we will be offering over the coming weeks.

So we may call on you to join the Games Maker team at short notice and quickly get to grips with a role. If we do contact you about being a Games Maker, we will of course make sure that you get the necessary training, information and uniform to carry out your role.

However we do understand that you may prefer to leave yourself free to do other things during the Games, and no longer want to be considered for a role. If so, all you need to do is to log in to the Games Maker zone and click ‘withdraw’ under My Application.'

Yes they emailed me the 4th of May, 4 days after they said they would. By that time I had given up on a role at the Olympics, when I applied I was living in the UK, and as the Olympics got nearer I was starting to wonder about the cost of it all, flights, accomodation etc and especially after my Dad's heart attack and additional flight home, finances were getting a bit tight.

Here is an extract from the email sent on the 4th May.

'What this means for you is that you are one of around 20,000 applicants who we know have the skill, determination and passion to be a Games Maker – and we hope to offer you a role in our final round of offers. However we cannot make this offer until a space becomes available due to more roles being required or another applicant rejecting their offer. If you do get an offer, you will receive all the necessary training and uniform in time for your shifts.

We know that this will mean a few more weeks of uncertainty for you as you wait for your offer. We are very hopeful that by the end of June we will have been able to offer you a role, and if not we will be in touch by then to let you know about further options to be involved in London 2012.'

Well they didn't get back to me by the end of June, in fact they only got back to me 32 hours before the Opening Ceremony and that was after I'd kicked up one almighty stink.


  1. Ahhh that sucks! Hope you watched the ceremony though to cheer you up

    1. I lost interest after half hour and went for a bath, but i did enjoy the teams coming on to the track and especially the lighting of the torch...the rest can go.....