Wednesday 18 July 2012

What is it with cats and cupboards?

We had cats, dogs and caged pets growing up as kids and other than playing, walking or cleaning and feeding, I never really paid much attention to them.
As an adult I’ve had birds, hamsters and fish when the children were small, but despite their requests for a dog and/or a cat we’ve never had a pet that lives outside a bowl or a small cage. What about holidays? Days out? Work? Etc
A couple of years ago I discovered the joys of keeping a chicken as a pet, we hatched a few from eggs, had homes lined up for them as they got too big for the garden and always kept just the one. Ruby. She had character, came into the house, she wasn’t trained, would peck at the door for food and follow us around the garden for attention, liking to perch on the end of the chair when we sat Down for a cuppa in the garden. We had enough troubles with our visa, let alone getting Ruby through quarantine so we re housed her.

In March we were adopted by a cat, she started hanging around the house, coming in, accepting tit bits of food, until it became clear she wasn’t going to leave. We advertised her as ‘found’ and after 4 weeks we bought her a collar, food bowl and a little bed. When we moved after 2 months we were worried she wouldn’t come with us, she had become part of our daily lives, but she stayed and her personality has started to show through.
She comes running when you shake her treat box to bring her in at night; she is prompt with her requests for feeding at 7am, 2pm and 6pm. She sits by our feet when we are cooking in the kitchen, swiping us round the leg with her paw to remind us she is there in exchange for some titbits
If I don’t stick to her timetable for feeding she follows me around the house, nudging me towards the kitchen, standing in doorways to stop me going in a room, wrapping her front paws round my leg to stop me in my tracks, she pleads and how can I refuse?

If a cupboard is open she is in it, if I attempt to work at my desk she sits on the keyboard of my laptop, if I sit down to watch the TV, she places herself in front of it. The rest of the time she sleeps and she never, ever walks into a room, she morphs.

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