Wednesday 18 July 2012

Court Orders and Visa applications

OMFG I’ve had enough, I’ve heard it all now.

We hired an agency that quite frankly has been more than less than useless.
We applied for our initial visa from the UK and it took 6 weeks, lots of return trips with additional paperwork that they forget to tell you about.
So we renew our application in South Africa and everything is pretty much the same...or so you’d think.
The home office has requested the court order for my custody of the kids from a divorce 12 years ago. There isn’t one. We agreed to divorce, sell the house split the profits and debts 50/50. The kids stayed living with me, there were no formal arrangements, they stayed with their dad when they wanted to, he pays a regular sum into my bank account, goes half on school uniform/trips/soccer gear etc. We discuss the holidays and consult with one another before booking, we leave Christmas as a last minute arrangement, and there’s been no stress. He wrote a letter to the Home Office for our initial application to say he gave permission for them to live with me and hubby and to move to South Africa in the first place.

I hope that we don’t need the court order; I don’t want to rock a boat that isn’t unsteady in the first place.


  1. Oh no. I actually like screaming on your behalf. Fingers crossed you don't need it. Given they seem so incompetent maybe they'll forget they asked for it in the first place. Good luck.

    1. Not only are we using the same agency, but the same contact person who I shall phone tomorrow to ask what they intend to do about it