Sunday 1 July 2012

Art on Main ... Jo'burg on foot

I don't do exploring very well, I like to know where I'm off and what I can expect to find.

but this morning I got into the car to be taken to a surprise venue.

We headed south on the N1 towards jo'burg. Then into jo'burg, through Hilbrow and I started to panic.....i really didn't want to be there, past Ellis Park, which doesn't feel as safe as when I was there last year to watch the football as the security was obvious. Down a few side streets, and parked on the side of the road to discover Art on Main.

Lots of little cafes, bars and street vendors, a fashion show and salsa dancing on the rooftops.

Very friendly people, mind you the rasta who stopped us for a chat was from Hampshire.

So we had a little walk, took some photos, ate a fab breakfast, bumped into a couple we knew and shared a coffee.

But that was it


  1. Your pictures bring back memories. We used to live near the Ponte building (the tall one with Vodafone on top). We were both med students and the medical school and hospital are just on the other side of the 'Brow.

    The building in your second photo is Tygerberg (next to the telecoms tower) - I had my wedding shoes covered in bridal fabric (20 years ago!) and the chap worked from a studio at the top of the building. I swear the building swayed a little...

    There is still a lot of good stuff about Jo'burg x.

    1. Theyre regenerating the while area, serious investments to turn tower into luxury apartments

  2. I love seeing your photos of Jo'burg where I have never visited before. We have met many S Africans while living in England who are so warm and friendly - we'd love to visit SA one day :) Your newest follower via Blog Expat, Laura

    1. Hi laura, am I following you on twitter? We love it here so many myths to explode