Wednesday 18 July 2012

Learning to drive in South Africa

First things first, call your insurance company to find out what the costs are...shock, horror, no additional charge to learn to drive an excess increase of R300. In the UK the additional cost of insurance and the increase in the excess meant the older two boys were banned from learning to drive in my car.
So after you obtain your TRN as you’re a foreigner, you apply for your learners licence on the day of or after your 17th birthday, set the theory test date, between 6-12 weeks away, revise, sit the test, buy L plates and Mum says goodbye to her freedom as 17yo son will now offer to go everywhere with you, just so they can drive.
So you take your son out and let him drive around the security estate, but he can’t get out of 2nd gear with the speed limit, he moves the car well, he is sensible, calm, he listens, but I didn’t want to take him onto the roads too soon, so off to the local game reserve, where he could...
Practice his emergency stops

Know what to do at a zebra crossing


  1. What do you do at a Zebra crossing? Just stop and wait?

  2. In the case of the rhinos, you really would want to stop in very good time for them!! Thanks for the heads up on this type of driving experience.

  3. Now that's a REAL zebra crossing!!! We don't get many of those in East London.

  4. HAHA!! I live in North London so we don't get too many of those here either, although around Abbey Road we sometimes get Beatles crossing.

    1. ha ha.......... you have to watch out for (dung) beetles here also