Monday 23 July 2012

There are very few places in South Africa where you can just go and have a walk. We found Art on Main and Zoo Lake, plus there's Groenkloof where you walk round a nature reserve complete with giraffes and zebras. I've also been for a coffee in Pretoria. I've just started venturing out on foot from the security estate to the local Spar shop and a lovely cafe, Birdies and of course you can walk freely around the endless Malls and Botanical gardens.

But what you can't do and I do miss is just leaving my front door and going for a walk, parking near a town and walking around the shops only worrying about the time left on your parking ticket.

Today I had to take my car for a service and also needed to pay a few bills. I was offered a lift home by the garage but I doubt they'd have run me around doing my errands, so after checking it was a safe area, I set off on foot, covering 2 miles of pavements, paid my water and electric bill, visited the post office, paid Telkom, had a coffee and some toast and did a bit of shopping.

I could have been anywhere, similar to the UK and America, typical streets, tree lined, flats, houses, business. The only noticable difference was the security and electric gates and fences and these....

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