Saturday 24 August 2013

Going back to the UK (again)

Suit case packed, weighed, re packed. It contains a fog/misting machine and a black light and hand luggage has a set of disco lights in it.

I have a selection of winter and summer clothing, my train ticket from Heathrow to Malvern. All hand held devices are being updated and charged. UK sim cards at the ready.

Dog washed, food shopping for hubby done and we're off.

When I arrive in the UK on Monday, we will all be in the same country for the first time since 18th January 2011. Well actually not, hubby will stay in South Africa till the 6th September and then we'll all be in the same country...No, 2nd youngest child, aged 18, flys back to South Africa on thursday night. So while the rest of us are in the UK he'll be back here alone, apart from the dog and the cat to look after (him)

So the purpose of this UK trip? Tenants are finally out, but they've left rather a mess in the house. Youngest son starts full time boarding on September 8th, so we'll be settling him in to his new school. Hubby has business in the Uk and is off to Germany after I leave the UK on September the 19th to be back in time for the 18yo's Matric dance/Prom.

Anyone else live such a complicated life? Don't envy us expats, nothing is normal any more.


  1. I really do hope you get stopped and bags searched! Would love to see their faces when a 40+ year old tries to explain the disco lights.

  2. Hi, lot expensive here in UK.

  3. hi, I hope you all have safe trips, I was born in Worcester, 5 minutes from Malvern. We're now renting our house in Pembrokeshire West Wales and I hope they are not making a mess but suspect we will have to do the same thing as you one day as we're now living in Australia. Good luck with it, and fingers crossed the sun is out for you when you arrive :)