Friday 2 August 2013

Win a personalised planner

I attended Britmums live and amongst the items in the goody bag we all received on the last days was a voucher to have a personal planner printed. As most of the items in the bag were related mainly to parents with young children, I took advantage of the offer code I was given to have a personalised diary for 2014 printed.

I love pink, I am Chickenruby, I went to the website.  I followed the simple instructions and within 2 weeks my planner was delivered.....tah dah.

Now I'd like to offer you the opportunity to win your very own personalised planner, which will be sent via email to you should you win.

There are 2 conditions, you must have a UK residential address and you must answer the question below.

I'm an expat, communication is my life line. I carry my diary with me everywhere, to record days out, take notes and to ensure I don't forget a single birthday amongst all my family and friends that I have world wide. Whether I send them an email or a card through the post.

My friend forgot my birthday one year, but she had buried the in laws 2 days before.

So who forgot your birthday and what excuse did they give you?

The comment that amuses me the most will win a voucher to design their own personal planner.

Closing date midnight 9th August.


  1. My brother, despite running his own post office and card shop, forgot my birthday EVERY year he was there... his excuse being "I didn't forget, I just didn't get round to sending a card" :-O That's brotherly love for you!!

  2. I don't remember anyone forgetting my birthday. Or if they did, I've had them dealt with. Can I still enter the competition?

  3. My grandmother forgot my birthday one year and when I asked why she didn't send me a card, she basically gave me crap for even asking her that question. Sadly all I wanted from her was a plain and simple birthday card. I was hurt.

  4. My older brother perennially forgets my birthday, and still, after 48 years, doesn't know if it's November 23rd or 24th. But he makes up for it in other, big brotherly, ways.

  5. I don't think anyone has ever forgotten my birthday before... but I do remember about 10 years ago when I was still at high school, it was Christmas and we were taking presents in for everyone. My friend had slept-in that morning and was hungry on the way to school, she opened one of the gifts she had gotten a friend. It was a box of chocolates, she ate half of them, wrapped them back up and proceeded to give them to her friend! xx

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  7. My brother forgot my birthday (22/11), his excuse “I was still drunk and still celebrating my birthday (20/11) sorry brother”
    This excuse was delivered two weeks after event and he was still partying. He enjoyed himself, still doesn’t remember a thing.


  8. For my 28th birthday, my mum sent me a happy 27th birthday card. She also included a cheque addressed to me in my maiden name - I'd been married 4 years by then!

  9. Four 'friends' of mine forgot my birthday this year, all telling me they'd had lots on at home. I believed it til I saw the photos on FB where they'd gone out for dinner, celebrating my birthday WITHOUT ME:(

  10. and the winner for the best reason anyone has ever forgotten your birthday goes to L and J.