Sunday 18 August 2013

How would I spend £20,000.00

How would I spend £20,000.00? Well that's an easy question to answer. I live in South Africa, I've travelled the world, I've had my dream holidays. I've stayed in the Balligio in Las Vegas, have safari's on my door step. I've been to University. I have my kids in private school, so I don't want or need to spend ANY money on me.

With the exchange rate, turning £20,000.00 into R300,000.00

I could make up 1500 Santa Shoeboxes for children in townships this Christmas.

I could bake 100,000 cupcakes to give to all the receipients of a shoebox this christmas.

I could provide a pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, note book at the cost of R18 a set to 16,666 children to support their education.

Don't get me started on the one off projects I'm involved in such as painting shacks in townships, delivering hygiene lessons, accompanying children with mental health problems to horse riding lessons, working in a protective workshop.

£20,000.00 would go so far in South Africa, I could do so much physical good with it. I could turn people's lives around with just a fraction of that amount.

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  1. Really love how you want to help others with the money. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.
    Please check you have the right and working links in for the BritMums competition page and ideally the National Lottery website page too. Competition closes at midnight tonight 18/8/13 (British Summertime)

    1. none of the links provided worked, i hope including the URL is ok

  2. What a wonderful use that would be :)

    1. I can think of a million other things i could spend that amount of money on here