Tuesday 6 August 2013

Men are good at nagging

Last night hubby reminded me of the importance of me getting up in the morning on time, needless to say his message didn’t go down well.

This is my daily morning routine.

Wake up at 6am and complain at hubby for waking me up

Doze for 20 minutes while hubby leaves TV & lights on, makes and eats his breakfast, wakes kids up for school

Drink tea that hubby has made, still complaining about being woken up so early

Get up at 6.50am to make sure kids have everything they need

Wave family off for the day, shower, dress, drink more tea

Feed dog, cat, collect laundry, crockery, hang up wet towels, load dishwasher, prep dinner, clean kitchen surfaces, sweep and mop kitchen floor

This morning by 7am, I’d done all the above, by 8.30am I’d dropped the car at the garage and hubby at work. All of these with constant comments and remarks 'I can't afford to be late'

By 9am I’m sitting in Kempton Park blogging and having breakfast….beat that…..lol



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