Saturday 10 August 2013

My last ever school run


I started my first school run in September 1996. I had of course done the pre school and nurseries prior to that.

That’s 17 years of early starts, juggling work, kids, pack lunches, uniforms, missing PE kits, hours of homework, reading.

It has involved 3 Primary schools, 2 Prep schools, 5 Secondary schools and 1 boarding school and that’s just with 4 boys.

August 2013 marks a new start for me in my life. I no longer have to do the school run as 14yo returns to the UK to return to full time boarding to start his GCSE’s.

Technically there may be a few more school runs but they will be collection and return from/to OR Tambo airport. The 18yo finishes school in November but he drives now so no more involvement from me.

The last day of my school run career ended with me dropping off all the uniform, returning all the school books, saying goodbye to the admin staff that I’ve made friends with over the past near 3 years. One last discussion on the English Premier league with Wendy in the school shop and her love of Liverpool FC.

After a breakfast out, a few tears and the food shop, I collected my son at 11am. He immediately changed out of his uniform, we washed it one last time. He isn’t sad to leave the school, I’m not sad he’s left the school.

But I do wonder for how long I’ll enjoy the lie ins in the mornings before I get bored and hanker back to the routine of the past 17 years.

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  1. I think I've got another 11 years to go!!! I've calculated that that will involve 99,000 miles and probaly more than one car!