Monday 5 August 2013

Working abroad

If you’ve been offered employment abroad then great, take it and enjoy, but if you move abroad with your partner’s job, don’t expect to find work easily once you arrive in your new country.

I’ve read about British expats all over the world, highly qualified, going through the lengthy and expensive process of verifying their qualifications to be told they cannot work in their new country. Of course if you move in and around Europe, things are different and also appears to be easier for a non European to gain work.

They always need teachers, don’t they? Especially ones that are Special needs trained, with in-depth knowledge of autism and child protection. Yes they do, but then you discover these areas are not listed on the current ‘skills shortage’ list. You don’t comply with the Black Economic Empowerment, BEE laws.

Of course everyone tells you ‘of course you can get a job in South Africa, it’s easy, no problem’ oh ok then HOW? Give that mate a call, pass on those details you talk about.


  1. A friend of mine returned to South Africa from Europe, he worked in Ireland for 9 years and in Amsterdam for a year. He is of Indian decent but as Black as the Ace of Spades, he has almost been back a year now and is battling to find a job, he was a director at his last company, so even expats returning home don't seem to fit the bill. Sad! I guess I may have to wait till I retire before I can return home.

    1. The biggest problem ive found with work here, is even if I could work, the salary compared to the UK is at least half