Thursday 1 August 2013

Things we won’t miss when 14 yo returns to the UK for boarding school


The mess

 Things going missing

Sweet papers down the side of the sofa

Hysterics if the cat and dog get within a mile of one another

Overriding TV programmes so he can record his

Searching for the remote control

Never being able to find a battery, selotape, scissors, glue, blu tack etc etc

Half empty tool boxes

Looking for door keys

Odd socks under sofas, in the dogs mouth, behind doors, dropped down back of washing machine

Denial that he was involved

School runs

Packed lunches

Shoes and bags dumped in the hall

Cushions and blankets piled up on the floor

Evidence of fires being lit

All the plug adapters and cables in his room


  1. He sounds almost exactly the same as my 12yo!

    1. Give me strength, we haven't even started the packing yet, just the chucking out of the rubbish (90% of his room)