Saturday 7 December 2013

Life is one long holiday

I’m adjusting to holidays, strange, but with 5 kids in the past holidays have been a break. A break from family life, work and the norm.

Well now I’m on holiday and it doesn’t feel right. I’m on a permanent holiday right now. No kids at home and no daily grind to take a break from and I’m not really enjoying myself TBH.

I’m enjoying exploring new places and experiences, but I don’t actually feel like I’m on holiday.

Hubby says I need to take a break from the lap top and internet, but as I’m on holiday it’s a fantastic opportunity to blog, tweet, face book and instagram and share the experiences and any way internet is very limited, so I'm blogging at breakfast and after dinner, the times of the day when hubby wants to switch off and I start work.

I’m currently Mossel Bay on the Garden Route. I’m blogging about Penguins, ordering my mum and daughters xmas gifts online. I’m looking around at the families on holiday with large families with young kids and thinking ‘that was me 10 years ago’ I’m only 42 I don’t feel ready to be a grown up.

We meet people on our travels, who assume we’re on holiday and visiting from the UK. I’m not sure what is more glamorous, the fact that we are here on holiday or the fact we live here. I’m undecided. We drive around, doing normal things and then all of a sudden reality kicks in ‘we live in South Africa’ or ‘ we are on holiday in South Africa’ I guess both are outside our norms, but then again what is ‘normal’ anymore when you’re an expat.

I guess I’ll just have to accept that a holiday isn’t about taking a break anymore, it’s about exploring somewhere new. And I should just enjoy sitting back, relaxing and drinking as many cocktails as is medically possible.

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