Thursday 26 December 2013

I'm not enjoying Christmas

My 14yo returns to the UK on January 10th after a 3 week visit. My 18yo leaves home on a one way ticket the same day.

Rather than enjoying the time with them, I'm counting down the days till they go. I'm not enjoying Christmas because I realise it will be our last as a family, but as they reminded me they usually spend Christmas with their Dad anyway for the past 13 years.

2007 and was the last time we had all 5 of Children together at the same time. With 3 in Gloucestershire, 1 in Leeds and the 18yo joining the Marines and us in South Africa, the logisitcs with their work, our flights, school holidays and distance, I have no idea when we'll next, if ever get more than 2-3 of them together at anyone time.

I've loved the last 3 years of us being together as a family with the 2 youngest knowing that the older 3, who had already left home before we moved, are settled, been out to visit and we've visited them.

But from now on our family dynamics will change, it'll be just hubby and I from now on with the youngest visiting for his school holidays.

I should be enjoying the next 2 weeks, enjoying every moment, but all I feel like doing is just crying and wishing things didn't have to change.

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  1. It is wonderful that our children grow up, but sad that they do grow up.