Friday 20 December 2013

Holiday in South Africa

The last foreign place we visited for a holiday was Las Vegas in October 2010 prior to moving to South Africa. All our holidays since then have been either here or in the UK. We drove the Garden Route last year to Cape Town, but I was in the middle of a bout of depression and didn't really take it in. I did blog about the differences between the north and the south of the country last year which you can read here but on this trip I realised that the South of South Africa is a different country all together. One of my twitter friends emailed to ask for advice on his parents forthcoming holiday and I started to put together a list of do's and don'ts, then I found out they were visiting Cape Town and the Garden Route so my advice changed to 'have a fab holiday and pack a jumper it gets chilly in the evenings.'

We left home in Pretoria on November 30th and arrived home on the 17th December having driven 5028kms on a route that took us to Durban, The Wild Coast, Addo (near Port Elizabeth) The Garden Route via Tsistikamma, Mossel Bay, Agulhas, Hermanus and finishing with 5 nights in Cape Town and a 2 day drive home through the Karoo.

We had the most amazing holiday, stayed in some wonderful places, with amazing views and made the most precious memories. Add your comments as to what you think makes a good B&B/Guest House/Hotel here.

November 30th - December 2nd
We travelled the wild coast from Durban to Addo and spent 2 nights at the Addo Elephant National Park We also visited the Penguin Sanctuary in Port Elizabeth

December 3rd-5th
Tsistikamma on the garden route and that's where we were when we heard Nelson Mandela had died December 6th-10th
2 nights in Mossel Bay, followed by a night in Agulhas, the Southernmost Tip of Africa and a night in Hermanus, with a failed attempt to Whale watch.

December 11th-15th
We collected our son from the airport in Cape Town and hit the ground running. We went to the top of Table Mountain our son climbed down. We went on a Wine Tour, drove to the Cape of Good Hope and visited the Two Oceans Aquarium.

I hope you've enjoyed reading the posts and viewing our pictures. This is the last time we will holiday with kids as the last one leaves for the UK on January 10th.

Our next trip is to Dubai on the 26th January-2nd February 2014, just hubby and I, he will be working in the day so I'm hoping some of you can give me some suggestions on what I might like to do and places I must see while I'm there.















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  1. It sounds like you has an amazing trip. I enjoyed your pictures that you posted on Facebook. The penguins were adorable.