Sunday 25 January 2015

self service check outs


I'm an adult, a grown up, I've used them enough times to use them unsupervised, so why does a shop assistant have to be involved?

I understand having someone near by to over ride an item in the sale or remove a security tag or give permission for alcohol to be paid for or fetch the DVD for the box you've just scanned but personally if I have any of the above, I go to the till with a cashier on it.

I would suggest the best use of a shop assistant in these situations is to politely but firmly lead the people away who have no idea what they are doing and suggest they stick to the manned tills so the rest of us can make the quick exit that they are designed for.

Sometimes though when the queues are too long they drag you over to the scanners and then proceed to scan the items for you anyway. Get on the till if you're going to do that and I can stay where I am.

In WH Smith in Ross-on-Wye, UK last year. A shop assistant stood by the side of the till and guided 5 customers in front of me on how to use the new self scan. 3 of the customers were intrigued and wanted to know what all this was about, how marvellous it was. I finally asked the store assistant why she didn't get on the till, serve those 3 while they all chatted and leave me to use the self scan, by MYSELF. The other customer had lost the will to live and had left the store. The shop assistant explained this was the new policy and she didn't always just stand there she had other jobs to do also.

There's a self service till at the local Carrefore, scan your items, pop them in a bag then go over to a till to pay. When I asked why? they said the tills hadn't yet been configured for none American cards and coins.

And car parks, why do they employ someone to stand by the exit barrier to take the ticket off you after you've paid for it, pulled up to the machine and opened your window? Not just South Africa, but here in Dubai also.

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